'The truth is sh*t.' Sam Cochrane’s brutal reflection of his relationship with Tara Pavlovic.

Around this time last year, Sam Cochrane proposed to Tara Pavlovic in a Bachelor Australia first after meeting in Fiji.

But 12 months on, the Bachelor in Paradise star has reflected on his short and stormy relationship with his fellow Gold Coast reality star.

“Wow…. A year ago today, I was making my way home from Fiji, with a fiancé along with the hopes and dreams for a future, convinced that it was bulletproof,” the 34-year-old wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday.

“I don’t want to pretend it didn’t happen, because it did. I don’t want to delete it, because it was beautiful. Yes, it didn’t stay that way.”


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However, in between sharing his insights into love, the voice-over announcer managed to get in a subtle dig at his ex-fiancée, who has since moved on with tradie Nick Shepherdson.

“There is no excuse for what occurred behind the scenes, for the continued attempts behind closed doors to unhinge me – designed to sting me from afar but they have failed,” he wrote.


“I smiled before and I’m smiling still, I’m filled with love and strength.”

Sam said that he chose to “look back and smile” after some “extremely hard moments” and congratulated himself for how he handled the breakup.

“No matter how cruel the last year became for me, I didn’t let it make me cruel.”

“I’ve spoken only in truths, always with respect & in defence of my character, and ALWAYS from a place of love, hope and care.”

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He said he was sharing all this “on a public forum” to help anyone else who might be struggling through a hard time themselves.

Tara, meanwhile, posted a short clip of her boyfriend Nick Shepherdson working on his laptop in what may or may not have been in response.


The 28-year-old captioned the video: “Always working hard. You’re such an angel.

“I know you hate when I say you’re beautiful, but you’re beautiful. But you’re also a strong manly man who I find super attractive.”

A tit-for-tat response wouldn’t exactly surprise us, given the couple’s drawn-out public post-break-up verbal trashing of each other.

After announcing their split in June with sweet sentiments of love and thankfulness, Tara’s ‘friend’ told Woman’s Day their relationship was “toxic”.

A few weeks later, Sam gave an interview to the same publication, in which he accused Tara of physically attacking him with bites, kicks and punches after “excessive drinking”.

Tara then accused Sam of being “emotionally abusive” towards her and labelled him a narcissist.

Thankfully, they both seem to be in a better place now.

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