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An ex-MAFS contestant has a theory about why Sam ghosted Elizabeth but we're not buying it.

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Between Ines’ unnecessary nastiness towards Bronson, and Sam’s complete and utter douchebaggery, this year’s Married at First Sight villains are giving us a lot to talk about.

Sam, in particular, has pretty much secured the label of Australia’s most hated man.

And it’s only been two weeks.

Let’s take a look at his rap sheet, shall we?

There was, of course, the time he body-shamed his new wife on national television, telling producers, his groomsmen, and whoever else would listen, that Elizabeth was “bigger than other women he’d dated” and that he planned to “get her running”.


After that delightful display, the very next morning he upped and left (supposedly) to his ex-girlfriend’s mum’s funeral, leaving Elizabeth alone on her honeymoon.


THEN, we discover he has failed to contact his television wife for five days, and when she took him to task, he told her to calm down.


Below, he explains to fellow contestant Mike that the reason she was so “wound up and angry” by his lack of communication was simply because she’s an “overly emotional woman” and “not logical like a man”.

But according to one ex-contestant, there’s a very good reason Sam Ball didn’t contact his new “wife” for five days — he was forbidden by producers.

Telv Williams, who was paired with Sarah Roza on last year’s season, took to his Instagram Story during last night’s episode to claim Sam was being unfairly treated.

Telv claims Sam's done "nothing wrong" on his Insta story.

“I can guarantee you that the producers would have told him he wasn’t allowed to make any contact with his wife because you’re not meant to talk to them,” Telv said of the situation.

“If you’re not around each other they don’t want you to talk to them when you’re not on camera. So don’t be too harsh to Sam, he’s done nothing wrong — f*ck you experts!”

... Has he, though?

Sam, on the other hand, has stuck by his explanation that his radio silence towards Elizabeth was all down to data roaming.

These are the exact phrases we find ourselves yelling at the TV while watching Married at First Sight. Post continues after video.

"I didn't have a voicemail from her," he told E! News. "I didn't have data roaming on, and the amount of phone calls I get from work and business, I must have just missed it in a sea of messages. I honestly don't really check my voicemail that much, especially if it's a random number."

Sam is still facing backlash over his comments about Elizabeth’s weight from earlier this week, with 2Day FM host Ed Kavalee hanging up on him during an explosive interview this morning.

“Sam, thank you, you are just one of the great guys. Hang up! I’ve had this bloke, he is the worst. God help me,” Kavalee said.

“He’s body shaming a woman on national television and his response is, ‘Haha, she said something about me, everybody online thinks I’m cool.’”

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