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Sam Ball, women know to beware of the man who refers to his ex as a 'psycho'.


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“A lot of these women are crazy,” 26-year-old Sam Ball said during the final Married at First Sight dinner party on Sunday night.

This was a man who signed up for a reality television show where you marry a stranger on national television.

Once he met his bride, Sam casually remarked that he’d never dated someone “so big” before, and he will have to get her “running in the mornings,” not unlike a dog who needs a few additional walks.

That wasn’t all, though. The morning after his wedding, Sam claimed he had a funeral. In New Zealand. He disappeared for a week, not contacting his bride once.

Watch the moment Sam was confronted by Ines at the Married at First Sight dinner party. Post continues. 

“I didn’t have your number,” he later told her.

Between telling all the men that Elizabeth kept trying to have sex with him and even sucked his finger (which he simulated for his mates), Sam managed to fit in an affair with another man’s bride, Ines.

Elizabeth was ‘crazy’, he told Ines. Every moment he spent with her he was more and more “turned off”.

So, when Elizabeth was unwell, Sam – if the footage is to believed – spent the night with Ines.

When he woke up, however, his feelings towards her appeared to have changed.

“I don’t want to dodge one bullet for another,” he told the camera, with his characteristic smirk, as though women are lethal pieces of metal that are fired at innocent victims with no warning, and not flesh and blood human beings.


So, he left. Breaking the hearts of two women.

According to him, Elizabeth was a nutter because she found him so sexually irresistible. And Ines was a temptress who initiated their affair, and was far more emotionally invested than he ever was. He even went so far as to post on Instagram that their affair wasn’t real, despite the fact Ines says it very much was. Ines, of course, must be delusional. How awfully embarrassing.

On Monday night, the finale of Married at First Sight aired on Channel Nine, and Sam was the first contestant ever to refuse to take part.

During the episode, a friend of Sam’s took a photo of him with the caption: “The look on your face when you see your psycho ex.”

Ines was on the television screen behind him.

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

The crazy ex girlfriend trope is as tired as it is hyperbolic.

After all, it's men, not women, who are more likely to harm or even murder a partner after a break up. You don't get much more 'crazy' than that.

Women have learned to beware the man who dismisses his ex as a 'psycho' or 'unhinged'. The alarm rings even louder when every girlfriend they've ever had is allegedly completely mad. What are the chances!

These men get a look in their eye, exactly like Sam's, when they slander their ex. Feigned shock. A tone of piercing contempt. Language that is almost pitiful, if it weren't so full of hate.

There are a few ways to dismiss someone's personhood entirely, but branding them as crazy is probably the most effective.

You trap them. Anything they say or do will be seen through the lens of lunacy. They have less legitimacy than a child, because at least they can differentiate reality from the imaginary.

But a crazy person can never be trusted. Of course they'd slander you - they're mad! "I'm not crazy... stop making me feel crazy," is precisely the kind of thing a crazy person would say.

Beware the man who ever uses the word 'crazy' to describe an ex partner.

Because in the end, more often than not, you'll find she behaved entirely reasonably