Sunrise and Sam Armytage fined by police following Ed Sheeran segment.

Sam Armytage has apologised on Sunrise for not wearing a seat-belt during an Ed Sheeran car interview.

The segment saw Armytage picking Sheeran up from his hotel and handing him a green juice before heading to the studio.

Sheeran wasn’t wearing a seatbelt either, and Armytage told viewers the show had received “multiple fines” over the segment, all of which would be paid.

Armytage says she got “caught up in the moment” which is why she neglected to put on her seatbelt.

Sam Armytage apologises for not wearing a seatbelt during a Sunrise segment. Article continues…

Video via Channel 7

Armytage started by saying, “Last week during the Ed Sheeran show you’ll remember that I went to pick up the singing superstar from his hotel room live on air. Now during that segment I neglected to wear a seatbelt, but many of you were quick to point out my mistake on Facebook and via email and phone.”

“I am sorry. It was unintentional. I was caught up in the moment, but that is no excuse.”

“The New South Wales police are issuing fines to all involved. The infringement notices will be paid. And a reminder, do as I say not as I did.


“Always wear your seatbelt no matter what the vehicle, even in a taxi or in an Uber, and I am sorry.”

Backseat bandits… @teddysphotos

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This morning some viewers were quick to point out that infringements such as these are sadly common.

Others felt the fines were warranted.

Drivers and passengers who fail to wear a seatbelt can be fined $325 and lose three demerit points.

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