Women of Australia, put your 'big undies' out for Samantha Armytage.

Whether they’re a high profile media personality, a busy mother or a bloody astronaut, every woman at the top of her game has one thing in common: we all know the power of comfortable underwear.

G-strings? Please.

Usually we keep them a snug secret, tucked away under our power suits, but as Bridget Jones taught us, sometimes your comfiest undies can end up on the national news.

Today, it was Sunrise presenter Samantha Armytage who had  the surreal experience of having her underpants splashed across the Internet when the Daily Mail ran a photo of them (on her) popping out to the shops under a sundress. On a weekend. When she wasn’t at work. Taken by a paparazzi who followed her presumably for hours in order to bring this breaking news to the world AND THANK GOD THEY DID.

The photos were then turned it into perhaps the most baffling headline of 2016 or possibly all time.

Thank you Jane Kennedy. Ditto.

The 40-year-old has now confirmed to Buzzfeed the matter is “with the lawyers”, because a woman wearing full briefs AND LIVING HER LIFE really does fall well below polar bears petting dogs on the scale of newsworthiness.

In fact – are you sitting down? – most women wear perfectly ordinary underwear, almost all of the time except maybe when we’re on a date and even then, meh.

Maybe they are so-called “granny panties”, or maybe they’re just brightly-coloured boylegs or a seamless pair of functional beige briefs that reach skywards towards your armpits.

Regardless, they’re nothing to be ashamed of. And they’re certainly nobody’s business – except your own.

Still, in solidarity with Sam and to prove to the Daily Mail that women will not be shamed, we’re putting out our granny undies FOR SAM. #BigUndiesOutForSam

Mia Freedman is all for the big, comfy undies. Just try to get her to shut up about them. You will fail.

Because behind every extraordinary woman is probably some really comfy undies.

So with that in mind, we're asking you to put your #BigUndiesOutForSam on social media in a show of solidarity with our sister, Sam.

And to help educate our brothers at the Daily Mail - and anyone else who might be confused about this - that women don't spend our lives worrying about what you think of our undies. Or, even, thinking about our undies at all.

Sam Armytage talks life in the public eye with Mia Freedman: