Samantha Armytage’s genius trick for staying warm behind the Sunrise newsdesk

Now that the weather has well and truly turned, take a moment to think of TV presenters who are braving the 5am freeze to bring you your morning news and entertainment.

In particular, Samantha Armytage today revealed the extent of just how cold she gets behind that newsdesk.

Fortunately, she’s found a solution. One that she’s able to keep out-of-sight from viewers. If you thought her professional work attire was matched by some equally smart heels, you’re about to be proven wrong.


Good ol’ Uggs. Our own feet are crying out in jealousy.

“BTS on Sunrise (Don’t worry, they’ll work out the heating by December…) #uggs #overcoat #inside #brr,” she captioned the photo.

Watch: Sam Armytage speaks to Mia Freedman for an exclusive No Filter interview. Post continues after video.


It’s not quite the dressing gown and slippers we’d all love to don in winter, but it’s close enough.

Armytage was also huddled underneath a white coat during ad breaks to keep warm in the Sunrise studio that hadn’t quite caught up with the weather change. (Post continues after gallery.)

Just weeks after the “Should women have to wear heels” debate dominated headlines (after the Cannes rebellion and a woman was sent home from work for inappropriate footwear attire), perhaps we should all be taking a leaf out of Armytage’s book.

Image: Instagram/@sam_armytage.

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