Sam Armytage takes aim at Kyle and Jackie O after the “highly illegal” drone.

Video by Mamamia

Radio duo Kyle Sandilands and Jackie “O” Henderson claim to know the identity of the person stalking Sunrise presenter Sam Armytage.

The pair have promised to “out” the stalker on air this morning, after Armytage complained of a drone camera flying over her house at the weekend.


“EXCLUSIVE: Who flew the drone over @sam_armytage ‘s house?,” the pair tweeted from their professional account Kyle and Jackie O. “We reveal the identity of the person 8am tomorrow.”

Armytage, however, is not pleased with their approach, and publicly implored the talk-back radio hosts to hand the name over to police.


“Well if you guys know, you should take that name to the police,” she told the duo over Twitter. “Cause it was highly illegal, & it’s with them now.”

Armytage contacted police on Saturday, after she saw “pervy, stalker, weirdo paparazi” flying a drone camera above her house during the evening.

“Saturday night; Pervy, stalker, weirdo paps hovering ANOTHER drone in my backyard (& front deck.) Calling police in now,” the Channel 7 television host posted to Instagram alongside a picture of the flying drone.

“ANY women’s magazines or online gossip sites who buy these creepy pictures, had better be prepared for a fight. Fed up with this rubbish.”

This is not the first time Armytage has been the focus of unwanted attention.

It was only December last year when The Daily Mail ran a story of paparazzi images alongside a headline that said she was wearing “giant granny panties”.

The public push back was strong. Women around the world “put their granny panties out for Sam” and shared images of their most comfortable underwear on social media. It was a show of solidarity to support the television presenter and shame the tabloid publication.

Now, we can only wait to see if Kyle and Jackie O really do reveal the identity of Armytage’s stalker on air today.

Here’s hoping the police will take over and stop anyone – Kyle and Jackie O included – from profiting off of a gross invasion of Armytage’s privacy.


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