FLUFF: Sam Armytage calls herself ugly, everyone disagrees.

Samantha Armytage is beautiful. Always has been.

So when she posted this hilarious flashback photo of herself as a teenager at a Garth Brooks concert, calling herself ‘ugly’, everyone vehemently disagreed.

That’s Sam in the middle, basically channelling all the magnificent things about ’90s jeans, ’80s belts, and neckerchiefs. Let’s be honest, she looks adorable, rosy-cheeked and just as sweet and goofy as anyone else standing outside a Garth Brooks concert in 1994.

But here’s the caption that came with it:

Didn’t go down well.

Sam’s Instagram account was filled with lovely objections to her choice of adjective. Something a little like this:

And from professionally stylish woman, Melissa Hoyer:

And while Sam replied to Mel with this…..

…We hope she knows she’s never been ugly. Not for a day in her life.

P.s. Excellent jeans.

UPDATE: More flashback photos of Sam Armytage.

Photographic evidence of Sam being glam:

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