Sam Armytage was in her backyard when her privacy was frighteningly invaded.

On Saturday night, Sam Armytage was in the safest haven of all and far from the paparazzi and media that seek to capture her every move — her own backyard.

However, the TV host and journalist took to Instagram last night to blast the paparazzi for what could arguably the greatest and grossest invasion of privacy of all, after she spotted a drone hovering over her house.

Alongside an image of the drone, Arymtage wrote, “Saturday night; Pervy, stalker, weirdo paps hovering ANOTHER drone in my backyard. Calling police in now. ANY women’s magazines or online gossip sites who buy these creepy pictures, had better be prepared for a fight. Fed up with this rubbish.”

In a warped reality, Armytage is certainly no stranger to having her privacy stolen from her. In December, The Daily Mail Australia received a onslaught of criticism for running a story that centred on Armytage’s “granny undies”.

Interestingly, Armytage’s post has been followed by a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning by Amy Coffrey that suggests the tabloid is changing its policy when it comes to “fat-shaming”.

Listen to Mia Freedman interview Sam Armytage for No Filter. Post continues after audio.

A source told Fairfax there was a “panic” following the backlash to the Armytage piece and the team that runs the “sidebar of shame” were spoken to about aiming to “bring up the quality of the publication”.

Here’s hoping that means no one is interested in the drone’s images.

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