Sam Armytage: "I seem to be a big target."

Sam Armytage

It’s a name that is often synonymous with rumours of feuds between co-stars, reports of diva behaviour on set or talk of drama.

In March this year, it was alleged that a makeup artist named Eliza Campagna was banned from set after an incident with the 37-year-old Sunrise co-host that was leaked to the press as a “physical altercation”.

She ain’t no diva. Image via Instagram.

And before this, former Sunrise producer Adam Boland’s tell-all book claimed Sam and former co-host Chris Bath were involved in a bitter feud that began because Sam was mad that Chris was dressed in “better outfits”.

In fact, if you Google her name, news stories of rivalry and feuds with other Australian journalists dominate the search.

But Sam doesn’t really care.

Sam has spoken to News.com.au about the claims and called bullshit on all the rumours.

“I seem to be a big target,” she said.

“Most of [what’s said] isn’t true, might I point out. If people don’t like me, that’s fine. If some people want to tie themselves in knots [gossiping] like that, go for it.”

If you Google Sam Armytage’s name, these are the sorts of headlines that come up.

Talking about the possibility that these rumours are coming from her own network, Seven, she said it’s just like any workplace with rumours and gossiping.

“But in this world, it’s magnified and then of course it becomes gossip and then it turns into a story about a feud, and suddenly it’s run off on its own,” she said.

Sam with Sunrise co-star Natalie Barr. Image via Instagram.

While Sam refuses to comment about other people and says she won’t indulge in that sort of behaviour, she did say there can be issues when it comes to women in the newsroom, and said the high school mean behaviour never really goes away.

“Women aren’t always nice to each other in the newsroom,” she said.

“Older women particularly aren’t always nice to younger women. I refuse to fall into that trap of women being awful to other women. There’s no reason for it.

“This is what you realise as you become an adult — life is just an extension of high school. Sometimes when I’m at work, I think it’s like the year eight boarding house.”

“I refuse to fall into that trap of women being awful to other women. There’s no reason for it.” Image via Instagram.

But, like all things, she takes the bad bits with the good. And it doesn’t stop her from enjoying the “best job in the world”.

But when life gets particularly rough? She heads home to get back to her roots, which is where she hopes to end up when life settles.

“I long for it. Not yet, though. But one day I’d love to have a veggie garden, some peace and quiet… maybe some children and everything [that comes with] that.”

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