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Sam Cochrane's mum has hinted a 'betrayal' led to his breakup with Tara Pavlovic.

We need to discuss a matter of national significance.

You see, in June everyone’s favourite Bachelor in Paradise couple, Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic, announced they had broken up.

What followed was a wave of national mourning.

The hashtag #PutYourMangoDaquairisOut began trending.

People started slathering fake tan on their pale, wintery bodies, then they gathered around their local pools to discuss their feelings.

If you listen really carefully you can still hear the distressed screams of ‘What about the banter?’ echoing through the city streets.


The couple have not spoken publicly about what led to their breakup, only telling the crying public it was “amicable”.

However, there have been whispers of a “betrayal”, with Tara’s friend describing her as a “broken bird” earlier this week.

Now Sam’s mum, Rosie Wynter, has weighed in on what is possibly the biggest reality TV based breakup of the last three months  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

In a series of Instagram posts last week, Rosie hinted there was “quite a story” behind her son’s breakup with Tara.

She also alluded to a “betrayal” and “cruel people” being involved in said “betrayal”.

“At the end of the day, peace is what matters. Life and people can be cruel. Those you love can betray you… but peace is the answer and so is love. To forgive is required of us all. Imagine how beautiful the world could be,” Rosie captioned one post and tagged her son in it.

“So easy to get sucked into the dramas of others…better to chill and let it flow over you. We all know our own truths and that is where peace lies,” she wrote in a follow up comment.

According to the Daily Mail, when someone asked Rosie to elaborate on her very cryptic posts, she replied: “You cannot imagine the story behind it and I opened my heart and home. I can’t say anymore… please understand. There is so much to it”.

Interesting. Very interesting.

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