An investigation: Bachelor In Paradise's Sam and Tara are still together. Here's the proof.

We’re calling it.

There’s no need to even watch the last episode of Bachelor in Paradise anymore. Except to see who proposes to who. But whatever.

Contestants Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic are probably still together. No, not probably.


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I can hear your doubts through your screen. But how do you know? What’s happened? What do you know that we don’t?

Well, in our completely thorough and totally reliable investigation aided by the trusty source of Instagram and its captions, we can’t help but know, THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER.

Let us analyse the evidence:

1. Sam detailed the moment he realised he was falling for Tara in an interview. Because couples who aren’t together totally do that.

In an interview with WHO magazine, a very recent one BY THE BY, Sam said, “Her sense of humour can be quite gross at times and she did gross me out quite early on. I was like ‘What?’ No woman says what you just said, no human says what you just said and she did that and I think…,” he told the magazine.

“I wanted someone that I could say whatever the hell I wanted. That moment she said something really gross – I won’t go into detail – but it was like, it was with a coconut, it was a chopped coconut and what she said about it was literally one of the foulest things I’ve ever heard anyone say but I just laughed and I couldn’t stop laughing and every time I saw her after that, I’d just laugh and that’s sort of where it started.”


2. Instagram. And again, Instagram. And the captions. THE CAPTIONS.

Here’s just a few. And let us tell you, they are so extra, so lovey, so dovey compared to the other couples – okay, maybe not Keira and Jarrod, but you catch our drift.

Why does my face hurt when you’re around? @tarapavlovic ????

A post shared by Sam Cochrane (@samual.cochrane) on



An incredible date, with such an incredible man. #loveandlaughter ????

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What a date. What a guy. ????

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3. They went at it “like rabbits” while filming Bachelor In Paradise.

An insider (because we believe ALL OF THEM THAT AFFIRM OUR THEORIES) told the Daily Mail that despite only showing passionate kisses on the show, behind the scenes, the couple were pretty much bunnies.

“Tara would joke she and Sam had been ‘clapping’ in the shower the night before,” the source said.

Loved up bunnies who are still together. Clearly.

4. Sam and Tara have both been spotted in Sydney and the Gold Coast. And more photos prove it.

Pap photos, Instagram photos in the other’s hometowns… can they be anymore obvious. Honestly.

Sam was also reportedly, super close and cosy with Tara at her birthday party.

The evidence presented to you at hand is pretty damning.

Tam is still together. And going strong.

This is Mamamia Bachie investigations, over and out.

Do you think Sam and Tara are still together? Tell us in the comments section below.