Sam and Snezana answer all your questions about their relationship.

In last night’s Bachelor finale, single mum and all round stunning human being Snezana Markoski took out the title for most publicised relationship of the year. For some the lady left standing was a bit of a shock, especially since late-comer Lana seemed to leave Bachie Wood drooling.

So now we want to know EVERYTHING. Has she moved from Perth with her nine-year-old daughter Eve to Melbourne were Sam is based? Or did Sam move to Perth? Do Sam and Eve get along? Are they still very much in love?

Look at that love. Image: Instagram.

Following the public declaration of their love last night, some of the answers have been revealed.

First of all, Snezana is not pregnant. Nor are they planning on starting a family right away. But, since Sam has now become a sort-of step-father to Eve, he's definitely "getting some good practice in" at the moment he told the Daily Mail. “I’m sure in due course, we both definitely want more kids," he continued. So the best guess is we can expect some more baby Wood's soon.

The couple are also not living together because Eve's father is based in Perth and would prefer if she stayed in Western Australia, the Daily Mail is reporting. So for now the two are enjoying a long-distance love affair. But they did spend a weekend away (with Eve) before the finale began.

“The three of us spent time in a little farmhouse, completely remote, playing board games and getting to know each other properly,” said Sam to the Daily Telegraph. “It was a very small step in a very long road but it was beautiful.”

So apparently they're all one big happy family, hoorah! Image: Channel 10.

But as we all know, long-distance relationships come with their challenges. The couple seem to be coping well so far. “There’s no need to rush these things, we want to be together forever so we don’t have to move in together tomorrow,” Sam told the Daily Telegraph.


“Even though our relationship is still only young I’ve never been more sure about anything.”

So does that mean Eve is a fan of her new father-figure? “She’s happy with how happy Sam makes me,” Snezana said. “(And) I had no doubt that Sam would be amazing as a strong male role model in her life.”

The pair were on KIIS FM this morning delving even deeper into the intricacies of lurve. Snez admitted she didn't watch a lot of the show because she didn't want to see Sam with other women (I mean, fair enough) and Sam said he tried to call her during the entire hour and a half viewings so that she wouldn't turn on the TV.

Brave man.

Sam and Snezana in last night's finale. Image: Channel 10.

Then things started to get very... personal. Kyle and Jackie O asked the couple what their first night together was like. TALK ABOUT UNCOMFORTABLE. Snezana bravely said it was "amazing" and Sam patted her on the back. It was a good save by Snez.

You may also remember that the "promise ring" Sam placed on Snez's finger last night was actually her ring finger. No, they're not engaged. Sam told KIIS FM that it was the only finger he could see that didn't have jewellery on it. So he went for it.

Snezana said she thought Sam would be "brave" to choose a single mother because of the responsibility that entails. Sam has said (quite sweetly) that he never saw it as a brave decision.

“It was just the only decision,” he said.

Sam with Eve during home visits. Image: Channel 10.

We look forward to seeing where their romance goes.

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