Sam & Sasha reveal how they kept their relationship a secret.

It’s the second question we’ve all been asking, after, ‘who did she choose?’

How the heck did Sam and Sasha manage to see each other and spend time together after filming of the show without being caught?

Well Sam has finally given us all of the answers. Thanks Frostie.

Speaking to KIIS FM this morning, Sam said that her and Sasha took romantic weekends away to remote locations in order to let their love blossom without blowing their cover.

Sam and Sasha. Image via Ten Play.

While Sasha is currently living on the south coast of New South Wales for work, Sam said they have been spending 'quite a lot' of time together while waiting for the show to conclude.

'Once a fortnight and once a week. (We would) Spend the whole weekend and one day on each end,' Sam shared.

But it hasn't been completely smooth sailing for the loved up duo, with Sasha revealing his friends had some not-so-nice things to say about Sam while the show was airing.

Sam and Sasha. Image via Ten Play.

Sasha said, 'I watched it sometimes with a couple of mates and they were like "Have a go at this b**ch and I am there going "Oh what?"'

'Because they were on my side obviously and she was dating all the other guys,' he continued.

Sam quickly pipped in and said, ‘You never told me this before!’ to which Sasha responded, ‘Love you bub.’

It's good to see Sasha has already learnt how to diffuse tension...

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