The Bachelorette’s Rhys and Sam copped a grilling on The Project.

Video via Network 10.


The Bachelorette‘s most recent evictees, and on-screen rivals, Sam and Rhys joined The Project hosts on Thursday night to discuss their shock exit.

And, put it this way, the panel did not hold back when questioning the duo’s treatment of Georgia Love in last night’s episode.

Sam appeared chirpy as ever, while Rhys – well, Rhys is channeling some serious Prison Break vibes:

Ahem. Moving forward.


Co-host Waleed Aly began the grilling interview with a cheeky jab at their disastrous double-date.

“It seemed like you were competing to see who could offend Georgia the most,” he said.

Married man Rhys attempted to defend the moment he told Georgia he simply wasn’t looking for “the one”.

“I was just trying to say I wasn’t focusing all of my energy, devoting everything I had, to finding the one at that point,” he said.

“Right, because it came across to me like you were saying…” Aly began, before Rhys interrupted him.

Source: Network 10.

"The magic of TV!" he responded.

"... 'I'm not looking for the one, I'd rather keep my options open'," Aly finished. The sheepish look on Rhys' face said it all.

Guest host Peter Helliar jumped in to offer his two cents.

"For me it was more, 'I couldn't give a toss!'"


Carrie Bickmore then took the reins, bringing up the moment Sam not-so subtly revealed his true intentions.

"Sam, you weren't any better. There was one point last night I didn't know whether to laugh or throw something at you," she scolded.

The Project cut to the clip where Georgia Love called out Sam for appearing to use the show as a platform to get into TV presenting.

"Should we be worried for our jobs?" Bickmore joked.

"I think you better watch out," he said.

The infamous photo of the electrician-slash-model posing against a stool was then brought up by Helliar with a gentle but firm 'plz explain'.

Source: Network Ten/Instagram.

Sam admitted the furniture love-in would not be a shoot he'd be repeating anytime soon.

"I shot that a few years ago in Miami for this body campaign thing and I um, not really sure what happened and I probably wouldn't do it again. It's pretty much me greased up, naked on a stool," he said.

"Did you burn the stool afterwards?" Helliar asked.

"You couldn't sit on it again after that," he replied.

Really? I'm sure there are a few people out there who would pay a pretty penny to touch that stool.

Is it even still being sold? Asking for a friend.


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