'I nearly broke down': Sally Obermeder's nightmarish day is one all mums can relate to.

Do you ever read somebody else’s sappy social media posts and feel nothing but infuriated?

They usually comes in thick and fast like this:

‘Such a rewarding day at work! I was finally able to nail this project and the client said it was the best brief they had ever seen! For me, it’s always about the mind. I started the day off with a hot yoga session, skipped my morning coffee because I was so energised, and really set a positive mindset for the day. Can’t wait for what the future holds! #amazing #grateful #blessed’


Yesterday, journalist Sally Obermeder shared the opposite kind of post. A REAL post. Sharing on Instagram, she documented one of those days – the ones we’re all familiar with – where nothing goes to plan.

Where the morning coffee, or five, is absolutely bloody necessary.

It went like this:

“Elyssa had a specialist appoint so after work I raced home, picked her up,” Obermeder wrote to her 80,000 followers.

“Of course she’s sick so she sobbed in the car so I sang and talked and made up poems like a maniac to keep her calm.

“We raced to pick up Annabelle and I convinced (ok, bribed) her to eat her dinner veggies in the car and said if she did I’d get her a lemonade. It’s of course 36 degrees, Elyssa is still screaming and Annabelle is complaining that her vege box doesn’t have broccoli (don’t even get me started) and I’m singing songs and tossing carrot sticks at Annabelle, and as I pull into the car park next to the specialists and the guy says, ‘Sorry Ma’am’ (how am I a ma’am? is it because I only got two hours sleep last night?) Anyway he says ‘Sorry Ma’am we’re full’. Not even joking I think my eyes well with tears.


Listen to Sally Obermeder speak to Mia Freedman about finding a surrogate, and watching her give birth. (Post continues after audio…)

“I explain that I have one sick kid (and point at Annabelle because who the hell wants broccoli – LOL) and then explain Elyssa is sick and I will be soooooo quick at the specialist (because yes they are always so quick. Not)

“‘No can do’, he says. I drive 6 blocks to the next car park, assemble the pram, throw the kids in …. I’m now late for the appointment and now need to run through the city to get there, and I’m screaming at Annabelle ‘ruuuuuuuuuun’. She complains of the heat and being tired and I now up my bribe to an ice cream and a Porsche. (I’m basically desperate)

“I fly into the specialist’s puffing and panting and sweating up a storm, and apologising for being late. ‘Your appointment is actually the 30th of November’ she tells me. Not October. I’m a month early.

“I nearly break down then and there.

“As we leave Annabelle says ‘I still get my lemonade right?'”

Good GOD we need to take a nap just reading that.

All we can say is: THIS IS EVERY MUM.

The days where the universe has thrown every bad thing at you, and just as you lie down to think it’s all over, little Tommy calls out he’s got a tummy ache and can’t sleep and needs you to come immediately, please.

To Sally, and to every parent who is having one of those days, we salute you – the everyday warrior women.