Sally Faulkner blocked from contacting her children in Lebanon.

After making the heartbreaking decision to give up custody of her children in exchange for her freedom, Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner left Lebanon, taking a small amount of solace in the thought of the next phone call with her little ones.

But, nearly two weeks on, they still haven’t spoken.

Despite assurances of regular contact, Faulkner’s estranged husband Ali el-Amine has reportedly severed all communication between her and their children, Lahela, aged five, and Noah, three.

via Facebook.

Faulkner told  The Australian she has not heard from them since leaving Lebanon on April 21.

"I haven’t spoken to the kids since I said goodbye to them in Beirut," she said.

"There has been no contact, even though he promised in the court that he would allow me to talk and Skype with the kids and that I would be able to come see them.

"I just feel so lost not being able to talk to them."

via Facebook.

Faulkner agreed to relinquish custody of the children as part of a negotiation that saw her, 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown and three members of the 60 Minutes Australia crew released from a Lebanese prison where they were being held on kidnap charges.

The group and two child recovery experts were he'd after an attempt to snatch Lahela and Noah from a Beirut street and return them to Australia.

After two weeks behind bars, Channel 9 reportedly paid a $US500,000 dollar sum to help secure their release on bail.

According to The Australian, the investigating judge will be sitting later this week to hear further evidence in the case.

Meanwhile, Adam Whittington, one of the child recovery operatives who remains behind bars, is reportedly hoping to be bailed on Wednesday.

Video via Channel 9