'I can't even sell my car in peace': Sally Faulkner's smacks down Aussie tabloid.

Sally Faulker has hit out at the Daily Mail after the online publication reported she was driving a brand new BMW and building a new house with her partner, Brendan Pierce, while raising money through a GoFundMe page.

The Daily Mail quoted an unnamed source who said “I don’t think she is as cash strapped as she makes out.”

The source also claimed that Faulkner and Pierce were  deciding whether to “include a pool and extra rooms” in the new house they were apparently building.

In a post on her Facebook page, Faulkner has attempted to shut down the speculation. She explained that the BMW in question is a used car that she shares with Pierce, and that the couple currently live with her mother while they pay off their legal bills.

Sally talks to Mia Freedman about loosing her kids:

Faulkner had been jailed in Lebanon earlier this year after a bungled attempt with Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes to kidnap her two children Lehala, 6, and Noah, 3, from their father. She is now still trying to gain joint custody.

In response to the tabloid article, she wrote: “I was expecting this as they had been hanging around for the past two weeks trying to write this doozy… But what I wasn’t expecting was the low level of reporting and extreme inaccuracy.

“This is the latest publication in the media avoiding the real story just to sell and make money off a pathetic situation. For starters this isn’t even my house they call a mansion (pictured in the photo) don’t know who’s house it is!!!? I don’t even have a house built. I live with my mother. This is (our car – Brendan’s and mine) that we both put money towards long before all this went public and legal bills hadn’t taken majority of what we own.” 

She then added: “Sigh.. I wonder how much money they made from slamming me in the public eye to sensationalise a story. It’s a good day when you can’t even sell your car in peace.”

sally faulkner daily mail
"It's a good day when you can't even sell your car in peace." Image via Facebook.

Faulker attached screenshots to the post of an text message exchange between herself and a potential buyer for the car (who she believes is a reporter), in which the buyer asks: "So ur not buying a new house?"

She also attached a screenshot of the email confirming that she listed her car on

Sally Faulker Is Living Every Mother's Nightmare on No Filter. 

In a follow up post, Faulker wrote: "And now the Daily Mail amend their article... Still not accurate but at least it's not full blown slander. I shake my head."