The 3 most bizarre moments from Kyle and Jackie O's interview with Salim Mehajer's new girlfriend.

Salim Mehajer is one of Australia’s most infamous property developers. And in case you were wondering, yes, the 31-year-old has a new girlfriend.

Many of us first encountered Mehajer when he released his outrageous wedding video in 2015, which involved four helicopters, a seaplane, 50 Harley Davidsons, shutting down streets in Sydney’s Lilyfield and a priceless reenactment of the moment he first laid eyes on his bride, Aysha Learmonth.

Now a convicted criminal, Mehajer is involved in several legal battles, including one with his now ex-wife who took out an AVO after incessant intimidation from the ex-deputy mayor.

But between court dates and time behind bars, Mehajer has managed to find love again, and two people appear to be thrilled for him: Kyle and Jackie O.

On Friday morning, the pair interviewed 28-year-old Melissa Tysoe, who met the disqualified corporation manager six months ago at a New Years Eve party.

It’s hard to identify only three of the most bizarre moments from the interview – but we’re going to give it a red hot go.

1. All the lies Mehajer told when the first met.

Omg so romantic…

Tysoe first spotted Mehajer at a New Years Eve party, held at his house. But at first, she didn’t know that.

Mehajer, being the jokester he is, told her the house belonged to ‘Bob’. But Bob doesn’t exist. 

What a story.


THEN, when the disgraced property developer introduced himself, he made up his last name so she wouldn’t be able to google him. Mostly because if you do google him, this comes up.


So, to be clear, within one night, Mehajer told two rather significant lies. 

Tysoe says she didn't recognise Mehajer and had no idea who he was when they first met which sounds made up but okay.

She also says he was really lovely and 'not sleazy', to which Kyle responded: "So out of all the people at the party Salim was the least sleazy and the nicest on there?"

That's a party no one, and I mean no one, ever wants to find themselves at.

2. Juicy details about Mehajer and Tysoe's sex life... COOL.

When I woke up this morning, all I wanted to know was how much sex Salim Mehajer was having, and predictably, Kyle and Jackie O answered my prayers.

Oh. But it's... none.

They haven't had sex because Mehajer is "deeply religious", and sex is off limits until they have an Islamic marriage.

BUT, importantly, Mehajer filmed their first kiss because according to Tysoe, "he was excited and wanted to show me off."

Kyle obviously then asked if they had a sex tape yet, to which Tysoe responded "No... not yet," and if we get a Mehajer sex tape, I'm done.

3. Tysoe's mum's main concern is that she will be assassinated.

Since Tysoe began dating one of Australia's most loathed men, she has been subject to torrents of abuse that have gone as far as death threats.

The online trolling has become so bad, Tysoe's mother has fears she will be assassinated.

"She's worried I'm going to get assassinated because everyone hates him so much," Tysoe explained, " and sometimes when I read things online I think yeah that's a possibility"

Other stand out moments from the interview include the news that the pair are planning on marrying in the future and goodness we can't wait.

Fingers crossed we get another video.