A Current Affair has released "frightening" video footage of Salim Mehajer.

Former Deputy Mayor of Auburn, Salim Mehajer, has had his fair share of media attention in the past year.

First, his lavish wedding to now-estranged wife Aysha Learmonth attracted the spotlight. Then, Aysha filed an Apprehended Violence Order against her husband.

And now, A Current Affair is touting the most “explosive” story about Mehajer yet.

In an episode to be aired on Monday night, A Current Affair is set to reveal “secret videos” of Mehajer’s behaviour, which the promo describes as “frightening”.

In one scene, Salim can be seen screaming, “You’ve got five minutes to give me a call!”

In another, he shouts, “I hope you die, you f***ing c***.”

While the extent of the videos obtained by A Current Affair is yet to be revealed, this could be one to watch.

What do you think of the videos revealed so far?