ACA obtains terrifying footage of Salim Mehajer "threatening to rape" his estranged wife's parents.

Video footage of former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer hurling abuse at his estranged wife Aysha Learmonth has been released by A Current Affair.

“Aysha you’ve got five minutes to give me a call,” the 30-year-old is seen shouting at the camera.

“If you don’t call me in five minutes I’m going to rape your mum. Your mum and your f***ing dad. Call me now.”

In the footage, which A Current Affair claimed to have obtained via a concerned friend of 30-year-old Learmonth, the controversial figure calls his wife a “f**king slut”.

Ms Learmonth and Mr Mehajer before their separation. (Image: Facebook)

The Channel Nine program alleges the videos were sent to Ms Learmonth after she decided to move out of the pair's palatial home in western Sydney earlier this year.

"Aysha I hope you die you slut," Mr Mehajer screams down the phone, filming himself while driving. "I swear on the Koran. I swear to God. I'm not leaving today."

"I hope you die you f***ing slut."

A Current Affair says the troubling videos were obtained from Ms Learmonth's concerned friend, who feared for the former beautician's safety after she left Mr Mehajer less than a year into their highly publicised marriage.

Rumours of a rift swelled after the notoriously public pair - whose pre-wedding video became a viral sensation - were not seen together for months. She lodged an apprehended violence order against her husband in July under her maiden name.

The Mehajers shot to fame after their exorbitant wedding in August 2015.

The lavish festivities - which included a cavalcade of luxury cars, a fly-by jet and four helicopters - shut down a Sydney street and prompted investigations that ultimately saw Mr Mehajer removed from the Auburn council for failure to disclose property interests.

Salim Mehajer and Aysha Learmonth. (Image: Facebook/Salim Mehajer)

The Apprehended Violence Order lodged by Ms Learmonth prevents Mr Mehajer from approaching or contacting his wife by any means and from going within 50 metres of her home or workplace.

In the lead-up to Monday night's episode, Mr Mehajer contacted various media outlets, urging the story's main reporter Alison Piotrowski to focus not on himself, but what he says is "credible news".

“No offence, Alison, you are a talented reporter who needs to spend more time getting shaken up by the ‘real’ stories that need ‘real’ awareness, not by an individual yelling into their personal phone camera," Mr Mehajer said through PR company Media Mehajer Family.

"Which is the exact reason why I never took any requests to participate or be interviewed for that seriously — because I don’t believe it’s classified as credible news."

A Current Affair says it will pass on footage to NSW Police if it is requested.