Sales assistant Kate Cottrell just received a fiery message from a customer's partner.

A retail worker will be looking over her shoulder this week after she was contacted by the girlfriend of one of her customers.

Topman sales assistant Kate Cottrell received the unusual message after she emailed a customer his e-receipt. (Ooh yeah, nothing says seduction telling somebody the exact amount of tax lumped onto their “summer-fun” tee.)

Cottrell published the message on Twitter because… well, these kinds of things should always be shared.

It begins with an oh-so-casual, “hiya chick” before descending into cringeworthy levels of distrust.

“Hiya chick, you don’t [know] me but my boyfriend followed you on Instagram today,” she wrote.

“He said you work at topman and asked for his email? Im (sic) sure you didn’t mean any harm but he has a girlfriend so please can you block him on Instagram.”

“Sorry haha don’t want to be mean xxx”

Sorry, haha. It’s not mean, it’s just a conversation you should absolutely have with your boyfriend. The message was sent at 11:17pm so we can only hope it was fuelled by a few too many beers and four plays of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’.

The tweeted screenshot has attracted over 43,000 likes since it was posted two days ago. Other users have encouraged the retail worker to go rogue on the customer’s account.

The bigger question that goes unanswered is how this top notch boyfriend FOUND the Instagram account of his Topshop assistant.

The plot thickens.