The 10-year-old comic who's as good as the best adult stand-ups. If not better.

“My dad says I’m not pretty enough for pageants… so he makes me do comedy.

When it comes to things I know I’ll never be able to do, stand-up comedy is one of them.

All the people staring, trying to remember the gags (not to mention writing them in the first place), the pressure… it’s just not for me.

But this 10-year-old from Texas is absolutely killing it in the US comedy scene.

Comedy genius Saffron Herndon. Image via Facebook.

Saffron Herndon has been writing and performing her own comedy since she was eight years old. Impressive much?

With a sense of humour and comedic timing well beyond her tender years, she jokes about everything – from religion, to politics, Nirvana and, of course, her dad.

And she’s really good.

Just check out one of her sets:

Video via Saffron Herndon

She says she’s inspired by comedians like Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Lucille Ball and wants a job on Saturday Night Live.

I reckon it won’t be long before she gets one too.

Remember this face.

Saffron Herndon doing what she does best. Image via Facebook.
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