A hair hack that will give you polished waves in 3 minutes flat.

Leila McKinnon (Image by Benjamin Hansen, courtesy of Gourmet Traveller)

Awwwww shiieeett. It’s happened again… you’ve pressed snooze too many times, which means your visions of doing a brisk morning walk and wearing clothes that are actually ironed is completely out the window. And freshly washed hair? Ha! Foggggettaboutit.

Lucky for you, there’s a way to “fake” looking groomed – like jersey fabrics that don’t crease (pick ’em up right off the floor if you have to) and this hair hack that will get you S-wave curls in under three minutes. Don’t believe us?

See for yourself:

Too easy, right?

And guess what? You’ll even get some exercise in – running for your train, that is.

Do you have a quick morning hairdo you’d like to share?