WATCH: Ryan Reynolds knows the pain of trying to assemble IKEA furniture.

“[IKEA] is Swedish for ‘fuck you’.

If you’ve ever shopped at IKEA, you’ll know the sheer pain of buying something that looks great in the catalogue only to have it end up looking more like a war zone once you try to assemble it.

Actor Ryan Reynolds, also known as the lucky person who wakes up next to Blake Lively, knows this struggle. In a video with GQ, we watch as 38-year-old Reynolds tries, and fails, to assemble a crib.

ryan reynolds ikea video
The face of everyone who has ever tried to assemble something from IKEA. Image via YouTube.

From calling IKEA to complain about the “100,000 pieces of hardware” to coining the very accurate phrase, “[IKEA] is Swedish for ‘fuck you’,” he’s nailed how we all feel when it comes to IKEA furniture.

At one point, he makes the decision all of us have made when we’re faced with a difficult task – give up and start drinking instead. We don’t blame you, Reynolds.

You can watch the (hilarious) video below.

Video via GQ

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