Ryan Reynolds daughter is a one-year-old and he's still defending her name.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively welcomed their daughter in December, 2014, after months of excitement and fancy baby bump pictures.

They surprised fans by choosing to name their little girl James, but once it was explained that this was in honour of Reynolds late father, the press moved on with their lives and bothered other new families instead.

But it seems like not EVERYONE has moved on.

Ryan, 39, just recently appeared on Good Morning Britain, where he was again questioned about the “unusual” name he’d chosen, by the host.

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“In the spectrum of weird celebrity baby names, I feel like we’re not really breaking any new ground here. I mean, I didn’t call her Summer Squash Meadowlark, or something,” said Reynolds.

It’s certainly not the strangest. Let’s not forget Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their daughter Apple.

Ryan Reynolds is promoting his latest movie Deadpool at the moment. Image: Getty.

“It’s out there,” Ryan said while ago. “It’s James. Everyone knows, and I told everyone who would listen before it was out there that I didn’t want to be the first guy screaming it out to the media because, as we know, little girls turn into teenage girls and little teenage girls sometimes scan through the archives and go, 'Why did you do that?’”

So that just about clears it up. James, who turned 1 just before Christmas last year, doesn't appear to be bothered by it.

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