Ryan Reynolds has some important advice to share for dads in the delivery room.

You might think that Ryan Reynolds is just a pretty face and ten-out-of-ten actor, but he seems to possess another precious gift:Wisdom.

Or, more specifically, wisdom to all dads who are standing by their wife or partner’s side when they are giving birth.

From not making inappropriate about your wife’s downstairs area to how important the male really is in the delivery, the father of two has it down pat.

There were his top five points:

1. Be there.

It may sound overly simple, but for some partners they really need the push.

As Reynolds says, “Be in the room, because you’re not Don Draper.”

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2. What photos do you really want to take?

He gets that having a baby is a really. Big. Deal.

But, before you grab the camera out and wildly photograph every moment like Joey does in Friends when he visits London, remember the NSFW parts.

“Be judicious with the photos you take because a photo of your daughter crowning, hanging on a refrigerator, isn’t going to help anyone.”


No puns. Stop them all.

You’re funny. You can crack an excellent pun at the drop of a hat.

But, under no circumstances ever, does Reynolds ever thinks it is okay to say something like this:

“Your wife will pretty much never think it’s funny or charming if you tip your imaginary top hat and say, ‘At your cervix’. Don’t do that.”

4. You’re really not that important.

Yes, it may be your baby being delivered, but whoop-de-doo, the air is probably more valuable.

Listen to the mum who gave on the side of the road. (Post continues after audio.)

“You really want to realise you’re pretty much the least important thing in the room. It’s going to go your wife, your baby, the doctor, the nurse, a doula (if you have one)…the air…”

5. Say happy things.

And his final piece of advice is:

“When your wife asks if everything is okay down there, just respond in the affirmative. You know, don’t yell, ‘BETTER THAN EVER!'”.

Reynolds had his first child with wife, Blake Lively, in 2014 and named their daughter, James. It is reported they have welcomed their second daughter into the world, however, the name is unknown.

You can watch the entire clip here. 

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