Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has welcomed a baby boy with a very rockstar name.

US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, 32, and model Kayla Rae Reid, 25, have welcomed a baby boy.

“Never seen a miracle happen before,” Lochte posted on Twitter.

“Until this morning at 5:46 am when CAIDEN ZANE LOCHTE was born. Can’t stop crying from tears of joy,” he added.

Back in January, the gold medallist told Us Weekly he and Reid wanted to name their baby “something unique”.

And, well, they’re half there. Zane is pretty rare. But Caiden is one of the many variations of Caden/Brayden/Jaden/Hayden names given to little boys.

Still Caiden Zane sounds rather like a rockstar. (Or an up-and-coming champion swimmer.)

Lochte announced his engagement in October last year while filming for Dancing With the Stars.

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The same year Lochte was involved in a scandal following the Rio Olympics, after the swimmer alleged he was robbed at gunpoint.

He apologised for his “behaviour” and vowed to put 2016 behind him after it came to light that he had lied about the robbery and was accused of vandalising a gas-station bathroom.

The swimmer says his baby boy is a “dream come true”.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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