The newest wax figure of Ryan Gosling... doesn't really look like Ryan Gosling at all.

Like being stopped in the street for an autograph and having your name added to the Hollywood walk of fame, you know you’ve made it in the film industry when famed wax house Madame Tussauds makes a model of you.

But what happens if the wax model only bears a very loose relation to what you actually look like?

This is the issue La La Land and general dreamboat Ryan Gosling is facing after Madame Tussauds Berlin unveiled their latest wax model of him earlier this week.

At best, it looks like The Notebook era Gosling met a vertical compactor, got shot in the face with an extra dose of Aryan genes, and suddenly realised he’s been living a lie of a life that’s caused him to die inside.

ryan gosling wax figure
Just... no. Source: Getty.

At worst, it looks like a guy whose mum tells all of her sewing group friends that her son looks like Ryan Gosling when he really doesn't all that much at all. Like, if you have a few beers, spin around on the spot for 30 seconds and squint, it looks just like Gosling.

But given the one sole job of a wax figure is to look freakishly like the person it's based off, it just shouldn't be that hard.

ryan gosling wax figure
Nope, not even close.

What's perhaps most confusing about the figure is that Madame Tussauds have other wax models of Gosling in their other museums around the world, and they actually look like him. So why London couldn't help their old mates in Berlin out, I'm honestly not sure, but this renders that friendship bridge officially burnt.

It just doesn't get any less awkward the more you look at it.

Unsurprisingly, Gosling isn't the first celebrity to fall victim to the unrealistic wax figure. (Post continues after gallery.)


From political greats to Hollywood heavyweights, it seems that some faces are harder than others to master.

And for all of those inaccurately immortalised in wax (mostly Beyonce), we're so very, very sorry for you.