The real reason Ryan Gosling wasn't named "Sexiest Man Alive."

Sexiest man alive.





It’s truly baffling to any male-attracted adult that actor Ryan Gosling, 34, deserves to have a trophy with a plaque reading ‘sexiest’ on his mantlepiece.

He’s a man. He’s impossibly attractive. There are sexy feminist memes about him all over the internet. As the protagonist in Crazy Stupid Love yelled in response to his impeccable abs: “Are they photoshopped or something?”

The man is sex personified. But alas, not THE sexiest man alive according to People magazine.

And in the last few years many fans have complained about this severe and repeated oversight by the Official Department of Men’s Sexiness.

This year Chris Hemsworth was given the annual award by People magazine. Sexy to be sure but even our nationalistic pride doesn’t blind us to the fact his sexiness has nothing on Ryan Gosling’s.

Today, the reason why Gosling has never received the sexy honour has been revealed. He hasn’t been dissed. He hasn’t been rejected. He hasn’t been overlooked. In fact People magazine have repeatedly tried to bestow the honour upon him but have had their plans foiled.


Why? Because Ryan doesn’t want it.



Gosling has reportedly turned the award down. And not just this year but for the last two years running.

According to The Wrap a close source said negotiations were consistently rejected by the actor’s team revealing, “They tried a few times, especially during his huge year in 2011. The consensus was he’s too serious for it, too artsy,” the source added.

People magazine’s editorial director insisted this wasn’t the case, telling The Wrap, “While I look forward to the day when Ryan Gosling is named Sexiest Man Alive, this was not his year. Our 2014 honoree Chris Hemsworth was our first and only choice.”

A representative for Gosling has not yet responded to a request for comment. We assume he’s busy painting a Jackson Pollock style masterpiece or doing something equally as artsy like scrap-booking.

You can look at more pictures of the sexy but not sexiest man alive in this gallery: