We're sorry to share this Ryan Gosling news, but...

A picture circulated around the web of Ryan Gosling holding a baby on the weekend. Hearts melted, ovaries exploded and numerous ‘Awwwww’ noises were heard across the globe.

This is the adorable photo, which was posted on the Ryan Gosling Facebook page and shared more than 50,000 times:

However, it was the text surrounding the picture that got people really talking.

“This father’s day, I’ve decided to tell the story of how I became a father. This little guy was only 9 months old when I became his dad. His mom and I were great friends before she passed away from cancer. I promised her, I’d always look after him. So, I had decided to step up and become his dad. He brought me so much joy. He was my everything. 1 year later after the adoption, his biological father wanted him. Of course, I put up a fight, but he won. That 1 year of being his father taught me how to love unconditionally. We have to stop and be thankful for our children and children should stop and be thankful for their parents. What I truly learned most of all is, every child needs love. Save thousands of children and meet me while doing it.”

Did your mind also fill with images of Ryan Gosling putting teeny socks on the little babes feet while tickling them and smiling his proud Daddy smile when you heard the news?

Yeah, us too.

Until we realised that the “Ryan” who posted the image, also had a tendency to post images of his ‘Hey Girl’ memes from time to time.

Sorry to stick a pin in your bubble, but the whole thing is a hoax. Ryan Gosling is not a father. Repeat: Ryan Gosling. Is no baby daddy.

So until it actually really happens, we’ll just continue with our private fantasies.

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