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1. Oh. MAFS’ Ryan Gallagher appears to have reignited his feud with Davina Rankin on I’m a Celeb.

Currently in the South African jungle for I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, Ryan Gallagher has once again bought up his failed Married at First Sight romance with Davina Rankin.

The couple appeared on the reality TV show as ‘husband and wife’ in 2018, where they had one of the most turbulent relationships in the series. To be fair, Davina did cheat on Ryan with fellow MAFS husband, Dean Wells, but still, that was two years ago. Let it go.

Speaking about his TV marriage on Tuesday’s episode, the comedian said there was never anything between the two. Just as well because he’s currently involved with his I’m a Celeb campmate and former Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby.

“Oh that was nothing,” he said.

“I didn’t like her and I like Charlotte. There was no feelings whatsoever.”

This isn’t the first time he’s referenced his time on MAFS either. Previously introducing himself to audiences, Ryan was all too ready to take a swipe at Davina.

“I’m Ryan Gallagher, and a few of you may know me from my terrible experience – yes, it was terrible – on MAFS,” he joked.

“I’m up for meeting animals – giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs. I’m used to a lot of cheetahs… e.g. cheating.”


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However, it doesn’t look as if Davina really… cares. Despite her multiple Instagram posts this week, not one of them has made mention of her former (fake) husband. Perhaps that’s because she’s too busy taking care of her eight-week-old daughter Mila-Mae who she shares with her partner Jaxon Manuel.


2. Leonardo DiCaprio and his environmental group just donated $4.3million to bushfire relief.

Following in the footsteps of Chris Hemsworth, Elton John, Kylie Jenner and Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio is the latest celebrity to donate to Australia’s bushfire appeal.

The Titanic actor is well-known for being a staunch environmentalist and vegan, and he’s announced that Earth Alliance will commit US$3 million (AU$ 4.3 million) to assist critical NSW firefighting efforts, aid local communities affected by the wildfires, enable wildlife rescue and recovery and support the long term restoration of unique ecosystems. They will also be working with other partner organisations such as Global Wildlife Conservation, Emerson Collective, WIRES Wildlife Rescue, Bush Heritage and Aussie Ark to distribute the funds.


DiCaprio was instrumental in founding the environmental organisation which works to address the current climate crisis. The 45-year-old co-chairs the group with philanthropists Laurene Powell Jobs and Brian Sheth.

So far the Australian bushfires have caused monumental damage, taking 20 lives and destroying about 1995 homes. More than one billion animals are also thought to have been killed in the blazes with experts stating that the environmental devastation could span decades.

3. “Every day has been happier ever since.” Brad Pitt has thanked Bradley Cooper for helping him get sober.

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When Brad Pitt accepted the gong for Best Supporting Actor at the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala on Wednesday night, he thanked the man who read out his name: friend and Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood co-star, Bradley Cooper.

But Pitt's gratitude wasn't just for the trophy.

"He's a sweetheart. I got sober because of this guy," he said, "and every day has been happier ever since."

The 56-year-old has opened up in recent years about his struggles with alcoholism, even nodding to its role in the breakdown of his marriage to Angelina Jolie. In an interview with The New York Times in 2019, he revealed opening up to sympathetic strangers through Alcoholics Anonymous as pivotal to his recovery.

Wednesday's speech was the first time, though, that Pitt has acknowledged Cooper as instrumental in that process. During a 2016 television interview, Cooper shared that he'd struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, but had been clean for 11 years.

4. “Why are we celebrating her body?’ Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels tried to fat-shame Lizzo and… no.

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Biggest Loser USA trainer, Jillian Michaels, did an interview this week and got a little bit confused. See, while chatting to BuzzFeed News' "AM to DM" she questioned why people comment on singer Lizzo's body and then... did exactly that.

"Why are we celebrating her body? Why does it matter? Why aren't we celebrating her music?" she said. "'Cause it isn't gonna be awesome if she gets diabetes.


"I love her music. My kid loves her music. But there's never a moment where I'm like, 'And I'm so glad that she's overweight.'"


Lizzo, who is well known as an advocate for self-love and body-positivity, is yet to comment. But her fans were right there to squash Michaels' judgement.

5. Okay, so the Royal Family seem really mad about Meghan and Harry’s announcement.

On Wednesday in the UK, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they will be “stepping down” as senior members of the Royal Family.

Apparently, within the family itself, the news isn’t being received well and now the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William have ordered their teams to find a “workable solution”.

Her royal majesty is not pleased. Image: Getty.

A Buckingham Palace source says the senior royals have asked aides to work “at pace” with governments and Harry and Meghan’s household, and an outcome was expected to take “days, not weeks”.

The Queen and other members of the family were said to be left “hurt” by Harry and Meghan’s decision to issue a personal statement, which outlined their future lives as financially independent royals who will divide their time between the UK and North America.

All-in-all, people are not happy. We recap everything we know about the 'terse' situation currently happening at royal HQ. Just head to our earlier post here.