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Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald talks about his grief at the loss of his baby daughter.

He’s now a proud dad of two

Radio funnyman and former Big Brother contestant Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald has described the moment he and his wife Belinda lost their baby daughter as “the end of the world.”

The usually jovial Nova 969 presenter is now the proud father of two little boys, Hewston, 5, and Lennox, 2, but his wife miscarried their first child, a daughter, in 2008.

Fitzy appeared on the cover of Sunday Style yesterday wearing a white shirt in support of the White Shirt Campaign for ovarian cancer, and told the magazine about the devastating loss.

Fitzy with his wife Belinda and their two sons. Image via Instagram

“My wife [Belinda] and I lost a child [in pregnancy], so there was a moment where that was the end of the world,” he told Sunday Style.

“But when we had our first child, Hewston we had to think how lucky we were to have one.”

He also spoke about the traumatic experience to Show and Tell after the birth of Lennox:

“We lost our first child Cayley Jay and unfortunately BJ still had to give birth. It was a very traumatic experience but also brought us so much closer.”

Fitzy and wife Belinda. Image via Instagram
Fitzy with his younger son Lennox. Image via Instagram

The former Big Brother contestant and AFL player is full of admiration for his wife.

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“When you think that you can love someone only so much, it is heightened even more when you watch them go through a process like labour,” he said.

“As an observer it seems like an out of body experience, but my wife went 23 hours without one drug! I stuff myself with Nurofen if I have a sniffle!”

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