The Bachelorette's Ryan tells his side of the story after being booted off by Sophie Monk.

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette saw Ryan tell Sophie Monk he wasn’t sure if she was “worth it”.

Hint: No body tells Sophie Monk they’re not sure if she’s worth it.

Like the legend that she is, Sophie sent Ryan packing. They kissed on the cheek. He got up from the couch they were sitting on. And, as he walked off, we heard a bunch of “beeeeeeps” in the place of expletives.

Now, he’s explained what really went down. And, according to his interview with Kiis FM’s Kyle and Jackie O this morning, his swearing had nothing to do with being rejected by an utter babe on national television.

Nothing to do with that at all.


Oh, no. It was all because the TV producers didn’t have “beers on ice”, which he needed to “restore his manhood”.

Likely story… Here’s how he put it:

“In between me giving Sophie a kiss goodbye and walking off, I kind of looked over at the producers and said ‘Are there beers on ice?’ and they said ‘no’.”

Kyle asked the question everyone’s thinking because the whole thing definitely sounds made up. “Are there beers on ice, is that what you asked?”

“Yeah, that’s what I was sort of after,” Ryan continued. “I was after a beer, you know?”

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“And then they said ‘no’, and you said ‘this is effing bullshit’,” Jackie confirmed.

“Yeah!” Ryan agreed. “What a stitch-up guys. No beers on ice. Have you seen what I’ve just had to go through dressed up as a little schoolboy and a bloke can’t even have a beer to restore his manhood?”

Kyle started laughing – telling Ryan: “And they made it look like you had the sh*ts?”

“Ah, TV land, eh,” Ryan concluded.

Convinced? Not convinced? Either way, we’re all feeling like a beer.

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