Seven Year Switch's Cassie and Ryan share first pics of their new baby girl.

It’s been a big week for Seven Year Switch contestants Ryan and Cassie Thisleton, who welcomed their third daughter into the world.

Born on Tuesday 14 June at 5.44pm, weighting 7lb, 3oz, little Mena Lee is now happily at home and her overjoyed parents have wasted no time in introducing their newest addition to their social media followers.

Baby Mena. Source: Instagram.

Sharing an adorable snap of Mena holding onto her parent's finger on Friday morning, the pair captioned the image with the message. "Never let go little Angel! Little Mena has done so well this week. We are hoping today she will pass her last test and Mummy and Mena will be released to come home!"

Just five hours later the pair shared another snap of their daughter clipped into her carrier and ready to begin her journey home.

"We're going home!!!!" the couple wrote alongside the image.

Ready for home! Source: Instagram.

But at just four days old, little Mena didn't seem too interested in the fussing of her smitten parents.

Following her arrival, the couple shared that, like her older siblings, "Mena made quite the entrance and spent a short time in special care," but judging by their latest snap, she's looking pretty happy and healthy.

Mena joins a family of two older sisters, and an older brother who tragically passed away at birth.

 Ryan and Cassie with their three girls. Source: Instagram.

Before Mena's birth, the couple shared a moving message about their son, explaining, “We have a son who is not with us. He may have passed away when we went into labour at 37.5 weeks and even though we didn’t get to bring him home from hospital it doesn’t make him any less of a human and he deserves recognition as our child too! Dex (our son) was perfect to the eye, seemingly healthy and his death is still unexplained,” the post said.

Cassie posted throughout her pregnancy. Source: Instagram

“We didn’t get many memories with Dex just a few short hours, and just because I’m not flashing up pictures of our son playing with his sisters it doesn’t mean that this little boy is any less a part of our family. He is in our every thought. We speak about him everyday. He is a big part of our life, as is any other parents child past or present!"

While it’s been a hard road for the couple, we wish them and their family all the best as they take beautiful Mena home.

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