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1. “We had an unlimited supply of food.” Ex-Survivor contestant says the show is a lie.

A man who competed on last year’s season of Australian Survivor has bizarrely suggested the show is a lie… despite literally all the evidence otherwise.

Russell Hantz, 46, was voted out after five days on the show, and amid the new season currently airing on Channel 10, the former contestant has released a YouTube Video which claims it is literally the opposite of what is portrayed to viewers.

“We had bottled water, we had fruit everyday,” he said. “We had an unlimited supply of food — all you want.”

“This isn’t how Survivor’s played. This isn’t what we do. They play for 50 days and act like it’s a big deal — it’s 50 days of camping. Who can’t do that? Maybe you want to get it together, if you want to be part of the Survivor family,” he said.

Image: YouTube.

His claims, however, are in contrast to what basically every other contestant of the Australian series state.

Lee Carseldine, who was on the 2016 season of Survivor, recently told Mamamia, "We are given rations of rice and beans which equates to two small bowls of rice a day (so you don’t die) but the rest you catch or gather yourself."

Pia Miranda, who is on this year's season of Survivor, also contradicted any suggestion that Australian Survivor is an easy ride, telling Mamamia last month: "Go through a cold shower, fully-clothed, with the lights off for three days and don’t eat and that’s what it’s like playing Survivor."

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2. A bunch of people think Em Rata's armpit hair is fake.

Model, actress and activist Emily Ratajkowski has shared a photo on Instagram featuring her luscious underarm hair.

The image was shared to promote her essay in Harper's Bazaar which looks at "the importance of women's right to choose (how she dresses, what she posts, if she decides to shave or not) no matter what influences have shaped the way she presents herself."

Her post has attracted more than 1.7 million likes, but a conspiracy theory has emerged speculating that Ratajkowski is in fact wearing an armpit merkin, which is like a wig for your under arm.

Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid are among the celebrities who have worn armpit merkins for particular roles.

After studying the photograph closely for more than four minutes, we are of the belief the hair is real given both it's consistency and colour.

Either way, you do you, Em.


3. "I'm feeling stressed..." Tiffany Scanlon has retired from being an influencer.

Former Bachelor contestant Tiffany Scanlon has announced she's retiring from her influencer status, and honestly, we didn't know you could do that.

The 30-year-old shared the news on her Instagram Stories, and said that she wanted to prioritise her university studies and mental health, over her social media work.

"I really need to give [uni] my full attention and while I'm taking on collaborations, or promoting people's businesses, or catching up with friends, or catching up with acquaintances, it just all takes away from the time I should be putting into my uni work," she said.

"I'm really trying to prioritise right now, firstly my mental health - I'm feeling stressed and for me, stress is not a good thing.

"And obviously amping things up with my work, taking on LA Fit, and I'm doing more yoga teaching, so that's also coming into play here."


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Despite this, the Perth-based fitness trainer will still be sharing and posting content, just on her own time.

"Basically right now I'm taking a step back from doing anything for anyone, and I'm just focusing on myself, and uni, and my loved ones," she said


"So sorry but not sorry."

And we wish her all the best.

4. Lady Gaga has been accused of stealing her Oscar-winning song, Shallow.

Oh. Lady Gaga has been accused of copying another artist for her Academy-award-winning song, Shallow - one of the most popular tracks of the year.

From the film A Star Is Born, songwriter Steve Ronsen believes his 2012 song 'Almost' is too similar for it to be a coincidence and has hence threatened legal action against Gaga.

Specifically, the three-note progression in lyrics "I'm falling" and "longing for change" have been stolen, Ronsen alleges.

a star is born bradley cooper
'Shallow' is the hero song of A Star Is Born, sung by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Image: A Star Is Born.

Page Six reports the unknown singer is wanting "millions and millions" in compensation, however Gaga and her lawyers are denying any wrongdoing.

Gaga's attorney Orin Snyder has said: "Mr. Ronsen and his lawyer are trying to make easy money off the back of a successful artist. It is shameful and wrong...  Should Mr. Shirian proceed with this case, Lady Gaga will fight it vigorously and will prevail."

Ronsen's attorney Mark D. Shirian told Page Six: "In an effort to amicably resolve this matter months ago, my office provided Lady Gaga’s legal team, at their request, with an official report from a renowned and respected musicologist and professor who determined that there are significant tempo, melodic, rhythmic and harmonic similarities between the two ‘hooks’ of the songs at issue.

"Lady Gaga’s team has yet to provide my office with an opposing musicologist report, which we have requested multiple times."


5. "I got stitched up really hard." The Bachelor's Isabelle was entirely blindsided by her elimination.

Isabelle Bachelor Australia
Image: Channel 10.

When 29-year-old Isabelle was sent home on Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelor, she was genuinely “surprised”.

The Pilates instructor from Queensland had no indication from Matt that she wouldn’t be receiving a rose, and had been confident that she’d get much further in the show.

The night of the cocktail party, she remembers thinking, “Oh my god I’ve got this in the bag… my odds are so good!”

“Don’t worry girls, I’m not going home,” she recalls telling the other contestants. “And then, you get down to me and Vakoo, and you go ‘Crap. Well… this didn’t go to plan’.”

As for what went wrong, she says she got “stitched up really hard” in the photo shoot group date.

Isabelle was cast as Snow White, in a shoot with fellow contestants Helena, Nichole and Rachel. While it seemed romantic in theory, it didn't quite end up that way.

"[You're] thinking that you're going to be the leading lady... then you have to lie down on the bench with your eyes closed," Isabelle said.

On the day, she found herself wondering, "how did I manage to get to be leading lady and do nothing?"

You can read our full interview with Isabelle here

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