Russell Crowe offers to take in Manus Island asylum seekers after expressing outrage.

The closure of Manus Island’s detention centre and subsequent abandoning of more than 600 asylum seekers has left many Australians shocked, outraged and appalled.

One such person was actor Russell Crowe, who upon being challenged by a Twitter user, said he wanted to do more than just be outraged. He was prepared to do something about it.

The 53-year-old said he had thought about his own circumstances and believed he “could house and find jobs for six” refugees.

The offer, which may or may not be possible to put in place, came after the New Zealand-born father-of-two expressed his disgust at the way the people living on the island have been left “in limbo”.

Of course a troll was quick to respond aggressively, as trolls do, suggesting: “The over-hyped leftist outcry is the only disgraceful part Russ! Maybe you could put them up somewhere if you’re so ashamed.”

But instead of ignoring what was presumably intended as a rhetorical comment, Crowe gave a considered – and unexpected – response.

Crowe’s response gained plenty of support and also sparked a debate among whose responsibility it is and who, if anyone, should be housed by Australian families.

Meanwhile, it is understood at least 584 remaining Manus Island detainees have been left with only the rainwater they have collected in bins after food, water, medicine and power supplies were cut on Tuesday.

They are refusing to leave the detention centre because they fear that what they face outside may be worse.

Acting Prime Minister Julie Bishop told Sky News detainees would be provided with food, water, electricity and medical service if they moved from the centre.

However, the government has fallen short of guaranteeing their safety if they leave the camp and has reiterated Australia will not be accepting these refugees for settlement here.