Russell Brand has a go at Malcolm Turnbull's wealth with a penis metaphor.

The Project is calling the incident #CustardGate.

Russell Brand appeared on The Project last night to discuss everything from Lara Bingle Worthington’s self tanning line to the paternity of Fifi Box’s daughter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s finances.

The 40-year-old comedian has never shied away from politics – encouraging those in his native Britain to vote Labour at the last election – and Box was quick to point out that Russell has often held strong opinions on the state of Australian politics, asking the funnyman what he thought of our latest Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Russell Brand the project
Russell Brand during his appearance on The Project last night. Image via Ten.

“In the past you’ve had quite a bit to say about Abbott, Joe Hockey,” Box said, “In the past month we have ourselves a new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Do you have an opinion on him yet?”

“Yes, here is that opinion now,” Brand responded, asking the panel “Why do you put really really rich people in charge of your country who want to build a thing called a tax shield?”

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Video via Channel 10

Brand then turned the discussion to address the Turnbull’s decision to move some of their money offshore to the Cayman Islands.

“Having your money in the Cayman Islands is like putting your dick into custard. We all want to do it, but it’s no rational reason to do it. If your dick’s in a bowl of custard, you’re doing it for a reason.”

Brand was quickly interrupted by host Peter Helliar, who reminded him that The Project was filmed live.

Brand fit right in with The Project panel during his appearance last night. Image via Facebook.

But co-host Waleed Aly could see the potential of Brand’s analogy, suggesting that the “dick in custard” metaphor might end up being Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s next campaign line.

Earlier in the show Brand had stolen the spotlight from Lara Worthington, who Helliar suggested “looks scared” seated next to the enthusiastic Brand, who jokingly labelled the model “racist” after she offered him her tanning product for his English skin.

Brand and Worthington before The Project filming last night. Image via Facebook.

Bingle also discussed her nuptials to Aussie actor Sam Worthington during her appearance, sharing that the notoriously private couple were married last year in an intimate ceremony in Melbourne that was attended by less than ten people.

The couple, who welcomed son Rocket Zot earlier this year, have shied away from the public eye in the last few years and Worthington used the program to speak about the paparazzi’s intrusion into their personal life.

“It’s sad when kids are involved,” Worthington said.