Photographer pledges $3 to charity for every share of a wedding photo. $15k later...

The fundraiser went a better than she expected. A lot better.

Edwina Robertson is a wedding photographer. She makes her living capturing couples’ most treasured moments. But one moment in particular struck a chord.

Ingrid Wood and Ross Uebergang are from Blackall, QLD, a region devastated by years of ravaging drought and unpredictable weather. The couple are both from farming families, and have deep roots in farming and their community. In the week leading up to the wedding, Ingrid’s family had to sell of all their cattle, and their property. The financial hardship brought on by the uncertain weather had simply become too great a burden.

The wedding provided a restorative high, not just for the families, but the entire community.

Ingrid and Ross (Image: Edwina Robertson Wedding Photography)

Robertson was so touched by these families, their struggle and the support of their community, she felt she had to do something to help.

“Even with my connections to the land, I was totally touched by the landscape and stories of Western Queensland. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last three years, you will also have heard of the realities and the lack of rain. I am only an individual and I only, can’t do much. But I can do a little.”

So she posted this photo on Facebook, pledging to donate $3 every time the photo was shared in a 24 hour period. The money raised was going to Tie Up The Black Dog, an organisation raising money and awareness to combat depression and mental illness in rural communities.

This image has now been shared over 7,800 times. (Edwina Robertson Wedding Photography).

The wonderful image perfectly captures the struggles, and jaw-dropping beauty of this rural community.

It went viral, and in a very short space of time, wracked up over 4,000 shares. Robertson raised $14,922. And just in case that’s not impressive enough, she has decided to round it up, donating $15,000 of her own money.

It is no secret that my heart lies within the Australian Outback. If you have ever lived in a rural community you will…

Posted by Edwina Robertson Photography on Monday, 21 September 2015

An incredible effort.

The numbers are still climbing, and the photograph now has almost eight thousand shares. Robertson is calling for anyone and everyone who enjoyed the photograph to share it, and donate $3 to Tie Up The Black Dog. “It’s less than tomorrow’s coffee, she posted on Facebook. “But it could save a life. Thanks so much again for your overwhelming love and support. Here’s to a brighter future and hope for our rural communities.”

So far over $26,000 has been raised to support Tie Up The Black Dog and raise awareness for mental health issues in rural and drought-stricken areas.

You can see a full gallery of photo’s from Ingrid and Ross’ rural wedding below… 

There is no doubt the farmers are doing it tough. Congratulations to Edwina (and of course for Ross and Ingrid!) for shedding some light on such an important topic.