These police officers have some seriously arresting dance moves.

It’s no secret that police are pretty great people to call when things turn sour and you’re in need of some legal back up, but it turns out that they’re also the people to have on speed dial should you need some back up dancers to partake in the world’s latest dance craze, the running man challenge.

Started by two American university basketball students, the challenge is simple. Just do the running man dance to the Ghost Town DJs song, “My Boo” and upload to social media.

Because let’s be real here, if it’s not on social media it never really happened.

Has handcuffs and dances. Ladies, meet your dream man. Source: Youtube

In the fortnight since the challenge was originally launched, thousands of dance aficionados around the world have uploaded their takes, most notably the New Zealand Police force.

Being shot in an underground car park, the video shows a group of officers taking to the makeshift dance floor before one badge holding Lord of the Dance takes over, putting his workmates to shimmying and swaying shame.

The video has amassed almost 5 million views since being posted on Monday, and included a call out to other police forces around the world, saying "We catch people on the run every day, this was a new #runningmanchallenge for our team. Are you up for it" before tagging all Australian state and territory forces, as well as the Isle of Scilly in the UK, and Los Angeles and New York.


Challenged accepted. Source: Youtube.

So far, the famed New York Police Department are the only other enforcement agency to accept the challenge.

Thankfully, their contribution is nothing less than stellar, with officers dancing alongside members of the community near the Brooklyn Bridge, and ends with a mic drop moment from one of the officers.

Drop the mic / walkie talkie. Time for another force to take up the challenge. Source: Youtube.

Here's to hoping the crew of Law and Order SVU also take up this challenge and we see Ice-T's running man sooner rather than later.

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