The Real Housewives of Sydney cast might have just been discovered.

It was the 11-second teaser that sent Real Housewives fans into a spin.

Since that panning camera shot revealed a sweeping view of the Sydney skyline as the new backdrop for more lady drama, it was clear that the hunt was on for fresh talent and new batch of crazy housewives.

The Real Housewives of Sydney is set to ignite the Melbourne/Sydney rivalry like no other reality show has.

Foxtel producers are rumoured to be in the final stages of announcing the line-up for the show (what? we didn’t get the chance to put our hand up…), so you can be assured that larger than life personalities of the Sydney social scene are set to grace your screens soon.

The Sydney press have been on the hunt to confirm the final cast, with a numbered of rumoured names and faces on their radars.

With several contenders rumoured to have been considered in the last few weeks, a number of previously speculated cast members have been kindly informed that they have not made the final round of auditions.

We’re getting down to the final stages, people.

Three Sydney socialites were spotted having a cruisy lunch at Sydney hotspot North Bondi Fish on Thursday following a meeting with the shows producers. So who are they?

Say hello to:

Tali Jatali 

(Image via Getty Images)

Tali or 'The Queen of Swim', as she is affectionately known by in Bondi's social circles is a former fashion model. She established a fashion boutique in the beachside suburb in 2011. If you just so happen to own a piece of Brazilian-style swimwear branded JATALI (yeah, me neither) then she designed it.


Her hubby is Alfie Olivier, who is a film animator. They were married in a small intimate wedding ceremony in 2014 in Las Vegas. She also has two kids, 13-year-old Zsa Zsa who played the role of 'princess flower girl' and Alfie's 9-year-old son P.C.

Tali has expressed to the media that the casting process has been thorough and ongoing (girl, imagine being on the show). She has also hinted that she ain't going to be playing no Switzerland (sorry Chyka), already being framed as the 'villain'. Tali is apparently "... very excited. I'll be the best bitch on TV."

Big call Tali. But I'm pretty sure 'bitch' is Pettifleur's favourite word. Or have we stopped talking about that book once the lawyers got involved?

Gordana Williesee

Gordana used to make the people on the television look pretty when she worked as a TV make-up artist. If you're thinking, 'that last name sounds familiar' it's because she is the ex-wife of TV journalist Mark Willesee. She is also the former fiancée of celebrity chef, Jason Roberts. Gordana has some really interesting tattoos all over her body, which definitely one-ups on the special dragon Janet's shoulder. In 2014 she was placed on a good behaviour bond for nine months after dodging a conviction for driving while suspended. A reality TV bad gal in the making? #badgalgg Gordana also love Jesus, she is a devout Catholic. She has confirmed that she is in talks with producers about a potential role. Amanda Cameron 


Amanda Cameron is a model-turned-entrepreneur and a resident in the swanky Sydney suburb of Double Bay so you can bet her crib is lit. She also has three kiddies - Hunter, Aston and Nixon.

Other names on producers lists include power wife and party gal Skye Leckie, cosmetic beauty therapist and TV star  Matty Samaei, another model-turned-entrepreneur Michelle Walsh and beauty mogul Marilyn Koch. It's understood producers have been holding a number of Sydney side luncheons with potential new cast mates.

Whilst the casting continues in Sydney, the fate of the Melbourne franchise remains unconfirmed.

Foxtel has yet to announce a fourth season, and Chyka has jumped ship.

The RHOM's third season came to a dramatic conclusion in a reunion special hosted by Alex Perry which consisted of a whole heap of name calling, yelling over one another and a pillow fight between established women.

Honestly, what more could you want on your television?

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