"My self centred mother ruined my pregnancy announcement."

Announcing your pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of your life. So what happens when someone comes along and steals your thunder, by announcing your news for you?

Now hold onto that thought.

What happens if that exact person is your mum?

It’s the exact situation one Reddit user, who goes by the name of buffalowingss, has found herself in. She took to Reddit to vent about her ‘self centred mother’ who went against her daughter’s wishes and told their family about her pregnancy.

Buffalowingss began by explaining that she had only told a handful of people that she is expecting. (Her own mother, mother-in-law, her best friend and her husband’s best friend.) As they live quite far from their extended families, it hadn’t been difficult to keep her pregnancy news under wraps, she writes.

What happens if the person who ruined your pregnancy announcement is your mum? Image via iStock.

That is, until the woman visited her mum's house for her birthday. The woman's six aunties dialled in on speaker phone to sing her mum a happy birthday when her mother proceeded to go around the table and say who was there.

That's when bombs were dropped.

Her mother says, "Jack, Jill, John, Joan and baby."

The woman explains, "Of course they were like, 'Baby? Whose baby?'... Instead of covering she said, 'OH, I GUESS ITS TIME, BUFFALOWINGS IS HAVING A BABY! IT'S A GIRL!' Of course their reaction was, 'Why hasn't buffalowingss told us? How far along? When were you going to tell us?' and my mother? She just went along with them. 'Yeah buffalowingss, why haven't you told them?' My husband looked at my mother like she was the devil in the flesh."

How far along? When were you going to tell us? Image via iStock.

The woman shares that following the incident, "We calmly got up, told my four-year-old to kiss and hug nanny goodbye, got my shoes on, wished her a happy birthday and left. I cried the entire drive home while my husband held my hand and said he was sorry about what happened."

The mum-to-be goes on to explain the reason she hadn't told anyone (not that they need a reason) was because she wanted to send her grandmother, father and sisters pink flowers to announce the news.

Following that she was planning to do a Facebook announcement, sharing the news with everyone else. "We were planning to take the photo this week. My mother knew all of this! She knew our plan! I told her it was very important not to tell anyone," she continued.

"Seeing as it's my mother's birthday, I'm sure she will insist that I ruined her special day by walking out. Once, just once, I'd like my mum to have my back," she concluded.

What would you do if you were in this situation? Would you be angry at your mum?

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