This woman accidentally sent her boyfriend's mother a very rude text.

It turns out technology is not always our friend.

A woman in the US learnt this the hard way after she set up an automated text response on her iPhone.

Aiman Siddiqui was studying for her exams so she decided to use the fancy new iOS 11 ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ function to set up an automated response to any incoming text messages. 

The 21-year-old typed out “I’m studying leave me tf [the f**k] alone. Big ahhh tryna make me fail all the time. I GON BE SUCCESSFULLLLL,” put her phone to the side and didn’t think any more of it.

It would have been the perfect plan except Aiman didn’t factor in the possibility of her future mother-in-law messaging her – which she did.

When Aiman’s fiance’s mum checked in with her to see how she was going after a recent bout of illness, she was met with Aiman’s prepared ‘leave me the f**K’ response. Which left Aiman scrambling to explain to her future mother-in-law what the hell was going on.

“When I realized his mum had texted me I started freaking out really bad,” she told Buzzfeed

Thankfully, her very understanding future mother-in-law laughed off the text message faux-pas.

Aiman then shared the whole exchange on Twitter so we could use it a cautionary tale for decades to come.



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