Hair of the day: Ruby Rose gets creative with a razor.

Images: Instagram

You may recall that last year we boldly declared the buzzcut was making a comeback.

Okay, so we haven’t witnessed many fully shaved heads on the red carpet in the ensuing months, but one thing is for certain: famous women are getting increasingly creative with razors right now.

The celebrity offspring who just shaved all the hair off her head.

Cara Delevingne went there last month, buzzing off a small section of hair near her ear. Then Scarlett Johannson debuted a quasi-GI Jane look last week, having closely shaved the sides of her pixie cut while leaving the top long.

But our award for most eye-catching use of a razor goes to Ruby Rose. Last night, the Aussie model/DJ/actress shared her latest hairstyle on Instagram, giving us a closer look at the criss-crossing lines that have been buzzed into her hair. Don’t try to recreate this one at home, friends – professional assistance is essential:

"New hair from the boss @iranthebarber," the 28-year-old captioned the photo.

Ruby's hairdresser also proudly showed off his work with hiw own Instagram shots:

So who will be next celebrity to whip out the Gillette? We'll let you know as soon as we do... we're kind of hoping it'll be Taylor Swift. Shave it off, shave it off...

The $13 beauty product Ruby Rose takes everywhere.

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