Ruby Rose's backstage rider could belong to your health-conscious grandma.

As if she wasn’t busy enough modelling and acting, Ruby Rose is also a kick-ass DJ who books gigs around the world.

Thanks to TMZ, we now have a full list of her backstage rider from her recent gig at the Heat Ultra Lounge in Orange County, Los Angeles. Yes, we finally know exactly what Rose demands to eat, drink and use while rocking out on stage.

Given Rose’s recent boost in fame, thanks to her turn as the bewitching Stella on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, one would assume that her rider would be full of luxurious and bizarre demands.

Does she require bottles of 1000-year-old scotch, 20 doves and demand no one shall look her in the eye?

Sorry to break it to you, but Ms Rose’s rider is the least badass, most healthy rider we’ve ever seen.

(Dance your butt off at a Jungle Body class! Post continues after video.)

According to TMZ, Ruby Rose likes to eat sushi, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, almonds and popcorn when backstage at her DJ gigs.

Perhaps her rider will contain more rebellious fare? Here’s what she asked for:


3 bottles of hand sanitizer
2 packs of Philosophy face wipes
Fresh cut flowers and vanilla scented candles
6 non-alcoholic beers
4 bottles of Suja Juice
2 bottles of orange juice
12 bottles San Pellegrino sparkling water
1 case Balance “Travel” water
1 bottle Patron tequila
12 pack of Red Stripe lager

Vanilla scented candles? I mean, even I have a candle that’s an edgy “Sweet Champagne” scent and I’m a teetotalling mum who lives in the suburbs. Speaking of not drinking, Rose’s beers are non-alcoholic! So. Not. Badass. And so brilliant.

(Not long ago, Ruby Rose sported a bowl cut. Post continues after gallery.)

The Suja Juice is another hint at Rose’s squeaky-clean lifestyle, with the company’s website boasting that their juices “provide you with a long and beautiful life.”.

Probably the only diva-like item on the rider is the Balance water, which is Australian water infused with flower essences. Allegedly, it’s notoriously hard to find in the U.S.

Props to Rose for choosing a chic skincare company like Philosophy to supply her face wipes, which is in stark contrast to goth rocker Marilyn Manson who probably uses metho and a steel scouring pad to remove his makeup post-show.

So there you have it. Yes, Ruby Rose plays a back-stabbing, sexy criminal on Orange is the New Black, she’s covered in tattoos, and she’s opinionated as hell. But deep down, she’s just a vitamin-loving, ultra-hygienic, well-hydrated DJ.

Now that I know what Ruby Rose likes, I’m heading to the shops to assemble a gift hamper for my number 1 crush. I might throw in a copy of Patti Smith’s Just Kids memoir to give her a few punk rocker tips. Notice me, Ruby!

What would you have in your rider? Is it weird if I ask for Crunchy Nut cereal?