The viral royal wedding tweet that's actually a scam. ​​

The royal wedding made us all do some questionable, if not outright shameful things.

We spent hours re-watching highlights, deep diving on all of Harry’s ex-girlfriends who were in attendance, and filled out quizzes that told us which royal we were most likely to marry.

Sounds super fun, right? Well, before you get inspired to excitedly chase other royal related quizzes, The Sun has reported that there’s a new post circulating our feeds, urging people to enter their personal details to discover their “Royal Guest Name”.

Though this may be tempting, the con has listed questions that are commonly used for security questions and passwords, such as, “What’s your pet’s first name?”, “What’s your grandparents name?”, and, “What’s the name of the street you grew up on?”

It combines all your answers together, chucks a “Lady” or “Lord” in front of it, and calls it a royal guest name. Of course, you could probably deduce your own guest name without submitting any of your answers online. Or not respond to the questions at all – since, no offence, but you’re just not a royal wedding guest.

The Mamamia Out Loud team huddle together for a raw, unedited, and slightly inappropriate Royal Wedding debrief.

If you come across this scam, report it as dangerous by clicking the arrow on the top right side of the post. If by some chance you’ve already filled in the scam, we recommend you change your actual security questions just to be safe.

Because having your accounts hacked isn’t a particularly royal occasion.