We don't want to alarm you, but there's a royal baby on the way. And no-one cares.

In a month there will be a new royal baby in the world. But this time around, NO ONE CARES.

Did you hear that there is a royal baby? No, not the one we all know about with his chubby cheeks and pudgy waddle. There is another one on the way.

If you weren’t a big royal follower you could almost be forgiven for not knowing that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting a baby in less than a month.

Nope, not this Royal baby – another one.

Because the thing is, the not-yet born second baby has been forgotten about too.

For each and every day, counting down to the arrival of royal baby number one, Prince George, we were treated to a media obsessed with bump pics, with bookies taking bets on baby names and what sex he or she would be, royal souvenirs were mass produced, bunting was hung throughout Britain, websites established speculating on all things royal baby.

He even had his own hashtag.

But baby number two. Nope, no-one cares.

Not even his or her mother.

Yes, you read that right, Duchess Kate was quoted yesterday smiling in a this-isn’t-really-a-maternity-dress saying she often forgets about the fact she is pregnant.

Yep you are pregnant M’lady. ( Source: Getty Images)

On a visit to an art studio in Kent in the UK she was told she was lovely and trim – her response “I sometimes forget I’m pregnant.”

Yes she forgets.

She’s got one baby already, why fuss so much about the second one, huh?

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We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You are just too busy with the first while you are pregnant with number two to be too obsessed with what’s going on. It’s easy to forget you are pregnant when you are busy chasing a 20-month old around with a potty and scrubbing crayon drawings from the walls.

(Or visiting an exclusive art show accompanied by the papparazzi and dozens of minders.)

Can you feel my bitterness here? If you too are a second child you will be grinding your teeth along with me here.

key rings FI
Truth be told we are all guilty of second baby syndrome. ( Source: Getty Images)

Are there many photos around of you as a child?

Framed pride of place picture on your parents’ wall? Are there adoring albums with carefully glued in momentoes? Baby books with every First – first steps, first haircuts, first teeth, first slept through the night.

Or are you a second child too?

Oh, there might be a baby photo or two lying around of them somewhere and maybe a third or fourth birthday photo (but not a first birthday pic who gives a second child a first birthday party?).

Baby book? Er, well  one was purchased, just not filled out. First teeth, um he might have swallowed it in his sleep maybe. No-one noticed.

It’s a bitter pill being a second child. Always living in the shadow of the first. Can you hear me fellow seconders? Can you taste the resentment seeping through my words?

I can imagine Duchess Kate and her mother right now sorting through George’s old yellowing vomit-stained clothes seeing which ones will suit the impending arrival. Second baby, oh this will do. No one will notice.

The thing is that truth be told I am probably guilty of a touch of second (and third) baby syndrome with my own children.

Will the second baby get a plunker bear?

I remember writing charts of breastfeeds and baby poos, regularly visiting our local baby health clinic about every little unusual gurgle or bump, ringing my mother every second to check whether it was “normal” that he cried, or vomited or smiled.

With my second born he was fed when he was hungry and popped in the pram at each and every available opportunity. No sleep schedules and routines for this little guy – he had a family to fit in to.

When they arrive though there is, of course, the same overwhelming feeling of falling head-over-heels in love with this little creature. But there is also a (quite wonderful) feeling of being a bit of an old hand. There isn’t quite the urgency to document and embrace every second, instead you relax more and enjoy it. You bask in the love, rather than rush through it.

Second child syndrome might be alive and kicking in the royal family but there is no doubt this little guy or girl will get as much love and attention from the people who count – his family – as Prince George did.

And come April, the rest of us might express a little interest too.

Did you get second-child syndrome?

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