The 85 baby names that Kate and William get to choose from.

A royal baby doesn’t just get to have any old name.

To say we are excited about another royal baby on the way, would be quite the understatement.

And we know exactly what Kate and William will start thinking about (if they haven’t already).

A baby name.

Now, while us common folk get to choose any baby name of our heart’s desire, there is a different rule for those that get to wear a crown. The name for a Prince or Princess has to come from a line of previous royals.

Take chubby-cheek Prince George. While his legal name is actually Prince George Alexander Louis, the name he goes by, George, has quite the history among the royal family. Most recently, his great great grandfather (or the Queens father) was George VI. And the first King George took the throne in 1714. Since then there has been six George’s who have ruled, and our chubby -cheek guy just might be lucky number 7 one day, but he gets to choose what name he wants if and when he is crowned King.

As for the other legal names, well William is after his dad,  Alexander came from Alexander III who ruled over Scotland, and Louis is likely to be in honour of Lord Mountbatten the Duke of Edinburgh’s late uncle, who was killed by the IRA in 1979.


But for this second baby, at the moment, the baby name bets are on Philip, Arthur or James if it’s a boy, or Alexandra, Elizabeth or Mary if it’s a girl.

But just in case they want some ideas, we gathered royal baby names from official royal name lists. Now, while we think Kate and William will most likely only go for British royal names from previous Kings and Queens, we decided to bring you names from across European royalty – just in case they wanted to break a tradition or two with their second child.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery for royal baby name inspiration.

Which one do you think they will choose?

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