The very compelling theory why the royal baby name reveal is taking so long.

If there’s one woman that knows the inner workings of why the royals, it’s royal commentator Victoria Arbiter.

And her latest Tweet may have just answered why it’s taken so long for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge to announce the name of their third child who was born at 3am, Tuesday morning (Australian time).

According to the royalist, it’s all got to do with the fact that Charles has yet to return from Villers-Bretonneux, France, were he attended the ANZAC Day dawn service along with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“So, no baby name today. Can only assume they’re waiting for Charles to get back from France to meet his new grandson first,” Arbiter tweeted.

“Can’t complain about that.”

Previously the commentator also told UK publication Town & Country that the reason for the family withholding the name could be two fold. Firstly as a sign of respect to inform the royal family before the public and secondly to ensure that they’ve settled on the name they’re “100 percent certain of”.

“On one hand there’s a desire to inform the families before a public declaration is made and any new parent appreciates having a little private time to get to know their new addition before the onslaught of announcements,” she told the publication.

“Royals, however, also have to consider the great responsibility in naming a new member of the family and I expect they want to be a 100 percent certain of their choice before announcing the name and sealing the baby’s place in history.”

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As also stated by another Twitter user, the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could have also withheld announcing their third child’s name out of respect for the ANZAC Day commemorations – something that Arbiter agreed could definitely have been “taken into account.”


Despite this, if we’re looking at the pattern of previous royal baby announcements, there was also a two day wait between the birth and announcements for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

In comparison, Prince William’s name wasn’t announced to the public for a full week after his birth, and royal fans had to wait a month after the birth of Prince Charles’ to be notified of his name. However, the public was notified of Prince Harry’s name in under 24 hours of his birth.

Either way, if Arbiter is correct, there shouldn’t be long to wait now, with Prince Charles expecting to return from France tomorrow.

Do you have any guesses as to what the royal baby name could be? Tell us below.

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