How a couple of cocktails cost Roxy Jacenko $27,000 in lost teeth. Ouch.

We’ve all had those nights out that make you seriously regret your spending habits the next morning.

Was that round of shots for my co-workers really necessary? Did I have to drink $20 Espresso Martinis all night? 

But no matter how bad it’s gotten or how bleak your bank account has looked ‘the morning after’, we’re calling it – Roxy Jacenko’s drunk night out spending story is worse (or better, depending which way you look at it) than yours.

In an episode of Who Magazine’s Who Are You podcast, the entrepreneur and Sweaty Betty PR founder told the compelling story of how a drunken night resulted in $27,000 worth of dental work.

Speaking with Pete Timbs, the mum-of-two recalled the fateful March evening that sent her to the dentist.

“Well I was drunk, and I was running to the bathroom about four months ago to vomit, and as I ran to the bathroom, I lost my footing – drunk – fell onto the bath and knocked my tooth out,” the 37-year-old laughed.

“It’s taken four months to fix my tooth… and it’s very expensive. I’ve got a lovely new set of porcelain veneers for $27, 000. It was a very expensive few drinks I had.”


Although the best-selling author didn’t post any ‘before’ photos (fair enough!), she did share the kind of genius way she managed to hold her broken front teeth together while she got on with her busy life running a business and attending events.

“Four months after breaking two of my front teeth in half from falling on to the bath I have teeth again – thank you @dfydental – no longer will I be adhering my teeth with eyelash glue,” Roxy captioned an image of her new smile.

“Can you imagine? Adhering your teeth with eyelash glue borrowed from your hair and makeup artist!,” she also wrote in the comments.

“Who knew how eyelash glue was so multipurpose?”

Well, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Maybe just don’t try that particular dental fix at home.

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